Fighting Gentrification

Everyone deserves a safe and healthy environment to live, grow, and learn. In order for our community to thrive and prosper, we must grow wealth in all neighborhoods. That is why preserving diversity in our community must remain a focus and fundamental value that guides our policy-making process. We express our values by what we protect, nurture, and grow. As your next State Representative, I will champion this work by advocating for:

    • Affordable Housing
      • Continue to support through policy development  and investments in the Homes for All initiative.
      • Increase and retain existing affordable housing in Minneapolis to meet the growing need.
      • Maintain the quality of affordable housing through capital investments. 
      • Ensure our renters’ rights are protected.
      • Increase the rate of home ownership, especially for people of color.
      • Alleviate the local property tax burden that disproportionally impacts our fixed income households.
      • Establish policies and practices that ensure the separation of federal, state, and local dollars in the development of affordable housing, thereby removing the requirement for residency documentation when using unsubsidized federal funding. 
      • Support policy changes that ensure our local and state laws do not have the unintended consequence of pricing people out of their homes, as owners or renters. For example, we can cap per year on home valuations and stop increasing property taxes when a property owner retires and until the property is sold. 
    • Economic Development
      • Grow and support locally owned businesses.
      • Protect workers’ rights to organize, earn livable wages, and their collective bargaining rights through my strong support of unions.
      • Help secure everyone’s right to quality, affordable health care.
      • Minnesota is a critical source for copper, nickel and precious metals. Copper is especially important to our green economy and the development of hybrid cars and wind turbines. The thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to our Permanent School Trust Fund have a tremendous economic impact throughout Minnesota. We must closely monitor and strictly regulate all aspects of mining, the environment, the process and how we dispose of waste and protect our water sources. 
    • Protecting Local Control
      • State and national change often stems from local grassroots movements. That’s why we must advocate for progressive values and community led initiatives at the local level, such as establishing a livable wage and maintaining Minneapolis’ sanctuary city status. Me must alllow community led initiatives to continue setting the tone for the rest of Minnesota.
      • Preserve the ability for local governments to meet the unique and diverse needs of their community.
    • Addressing Health Disparities
      • Ensure every zip code has clean water, air, and safe spaces to live, play and learn.
      • All of us deserve quality, affordable health care and access to healthy food choices.
      • Ensure policies address addiction as an illness, not a crime.
      • Continue to adapt and adopt policies that address the findings and recommendations from the 2014 Legislative Health Equity Report.
      • Support the development of Universal Healthcare for all Minnesotans and a single payer system, which requires tremendous policy and systems change to remove our reliance on for profit insurance companies. We must ensure access to affordable, quality healthcare for all.
      • Expand the MN Hospital Services work to create transparency in pricing of similar procedures across hospital systems. 
      • Provide resources to address the growing opioid crisis, including the revision of Minnesota’s opioid prescription regulations and other preventative measures that reduce the risks of exposure.
      • Remove barriers to access and inclusion based upon traditional gender norms. 
      • Ensure access to affordable health care that addresses the specific needs of the transgender community, like the work of the MN Transgender Health Coalition.
  • Decriminalizing Poverty. Everyone must be able to fully participate in society. Government should not operate on the backs of poor people. We accomplish this by supporting:
      • Criminal justice reform
        • Stop considering children as adults in the criminal justice system.
        • Incarceration is not a replacement for mental health support systems.
        • Allow judicial discretion to waive fees and fines because an inability to pay should not be criminalized.
        • Restorative practices should be the default response to non-violent criminal offenses.
        • Support community policing efforts that engage community experts with beat cops and peace officers that protect and serve the community.
        • Partner with public schools to provide opportunities for pathway programs for students to enter the police force out of high school, working in their own community that they know and value.
      • Protecting our most vulnerable citizens through Child Welfare Services Reform
        • Addressing the shortage of foster homes.
        • Holding the county systems accountable for adhering to the implementation framework from the Governor’s Task Force recommendations. 
        • Fixing the issues behind the finding that Minnesota failed to achieve “substantial conformity” with seven key measures of child safety, permanency, and well-being.
        • Providing adequate training for county caseworkers who aid families experiencing complex issues, including cultural competencies to work with diverse communities. 
      • Cannabis reform
        • Stop wasting millions of dollars by unsuccessfully fighting the war on marijuana. This ineffective policy disproportionately hurts people of color, many of whom have their lives thrown off course because of marijuana-related arrests at an early age.
        • Instead of spending resources on the uneven enforcement of marijuana laws, we need to focus on (1) early detection and substance abuse prevention programs; (2) support systems that address mental health issues; and (3) more affordable health care for all.Stop wasting millions of dollars by unsuccessfully fighting the war on marijuana. This ineffective policy disproportionately hurts people of color, many of whom have their lives thrown off course because of marijuana-related arrests at an early age.

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