Good Governance


In order to be effective for my constituents, I believe how I do this work is as important as what I do. Good governance requires:

  • Leading with the community, being present and transparent, staying informed about the issues, and effectively communicating my work to constituents. 
  • Engaging with our diverse and vibrant community to not only understand what is needed, but how we can work and advocate together. 
  • Applying equity impact assessments to all pieces of legislation before they are put forward for approval. Before a bill becomes law, we must determine whether there is a disparate impact on disenfranchised and marginalized communities, particularly among our immigrant community, people of color, and our students.
  • Stop approving unfunded mandates from the legislature. 
  • Staying open and transparent about my policy stances. That’s why I’m sharing questionnaires that I’ve completed thus far. Check back for more as the campaign continues.









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