Public PreK-12 Education

Our state constitution requires the legislature to provide an adequate public K-12 education for all young Minnesotans. It is the legislature’s affirmative duty and our children’s fundamental right. This constitutional responsibility will not be fulfilled until we:


  • Align the constitutional requirement for “adequate” to the requirements under the World’s Best Workforce legislation.
  • Incorporate an inflationary increase to the General Ed Basic Per Pupil formula.
  • Provide for safe and supportive schools, with restorative practices and increased funding for mental health support.
  • Increase funding for special ed and modernize special ed billing.
  • Increase support for career pathway programs, apprenticeships, and expand access to trade certificates and Associate’s Degrees so all students have a prosperous career path following high school.
  • Address our state’s teacher shortage by supporting pathways that increase teacher diversity and ensuring the necessary support systems to increase retention of our teachers of color and indigenous teachers.
  • Fully support legislation that prevents privatization and corporate influence in our public education system. Because of my outspoken criticism against Minnesota’s charter school laws and the way our “school-choice” program harms students destabalizes schools, billionaires Michael Bloomberg, Arthur Rock and others contributed to a PAC that raised almost $250,000 to help remove me from office in 2014. Their efforts were unsuccessful. I am proud of my advocacy for public education and will continue fighting this type of pervasive corporate influence because I believe all young Minnesotans deserve a proper education.

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